Village of Mineola discovers 16 lead pipes, plans removal and road paving

Village of Mineola discovers 16 lead pipes, plans removal and road paving
Mineola Mayor Paul Pereira. (Photo courtesy of the New Line Party)

Village of Mineola board members announced Wednesday the discovery of 16 lead pipes in town and their plan to remove them in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule revisions.

The Lead and Copper Rule was originally published in 1991 in an effort to regulate lead and copper levels in drinking water. The rule has since undergone many revisions.

Most recently, the Biden administration proposed in November new restrictions that would require the removal of nearly all lead pipes across the country in a period of 10 years.

Villages across Long Island are undertaking lead and copper water tests in an effort to comply with new regulations.

“This just happened to work out that [these pipes were] in the area where we were going to do the road work anyway,” said Village of Mineola Mayor Paul Pereira. “So while we are doing the road reconstruction and repaving, it absolutely makes sense since we discovered these [16 lead pipes] that we obviously replace them.”

The village was already preparing for their road improvements, and the lead pipes were discovered in the same area, so the town will be aligning the lead pipe removal and road repaving projects.

The village awarded the public bid for the 2024 road improvements contract to the lowest responsible bidder, Stasi General Contracting, at a cost of $1,244,765.

The funding for this road repaving will come from the village’s 2023-2024 general fund budget or the general fund balance.

The road work improvements are set to start by mid-April of this year. The improvements will be done on Horton Highway, Burkhard Avenue and Haussner Place.

Then, board members authorized an emergency resolution to accept the lowest proposal received for the removal and replacement of the 16 lead pipes found on Burkhard Avenue and McNeil Place.

The contract went to Orchid Sewer & Water Contracting at a cost of $58,620. The funding for the pipe removal and replacement will come from the 2023-2024 water fund budget or the reserve balance.

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