D’Urso’s visits Henry Viscardi School for field day

D’Urso’s visits Henry Viscardi School for field day
(Left to Right) Angelo Zegarelli, Head of School at Henry Viscardi School at The Viscardi Center; Assemblyman D’Urso; John B. Kiernan of Davidoff, Hutcher & Citron LLP, Maria D’Urso, and student Lawrence.

State Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso visited the Henry Viscardi School in Albertson to participate in their 2018 Field Day event and meet with students, faculty and administrators.

The Henry Viscardi School is a private school that offers children with severe physical disabilities a specialized, accessible educational setting and provides a fully enriched academic program, a variety of therapies, assistive technology, and medical supports. The school offers an alternative choice for parents and a resource to school districts catering to students Kindergarten through grade 12 who may otherwise need to receive instruction in their homes or at a hospital.

D’Urso met with President John D. Kemp as well as Head of School Angelo Zegarelli, who introduced him to some of the school’s most exemplary students.

One student, Glorianna, told D’Urso about her and other Viscardi students’ participation in National School Walkout Day as they joined thousands of others across the country in leaving their class for 17 minutes in an effort to reflect on the tragedy and encourage lawmakers to consider new approaches to school safety.

D’Urso applauded these students for exercising their power as citizens of the world to voice their opinions on important social issues, in order to influence change.

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