Williston Park approves water tower bid

Williston Park approves water tower bid

A special meeting of the board of trustees was held on Friday, July 27 at which time the bids for the Syracuse Street Elevated Tank replacement were discussed in detail. Present at the meeting were Mayor Ehrbar, Deputy Mayor Rynne, Trustee O’Brien (Trustee Carr participated in the discussion via telephone), Mr. Merklin D&B Engineers and Mr. Bradley (Village Attorney). The Board voted unanimously to award the bid to the lowest bidder Landmark Structures. Work will commence early September and will be completed by June of 2019. The Board also approved funding through Bonds – $6.5 million over a 20 year term. The increased cost to the water fund due to this expenditure will require water rates to be raised. A Public Hearing will be held in the near future to determine the needed increase in revenue.

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