Programs for COVID recovery announced by Curran, Cuomo

Programs for COVID recovery announced by Curran, Cuomo
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Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and Gov. Andrew Cuomo rolled out further initiatives aimed at connecting for and non-profit businesses with offices that would relieve financial stress caused by the pandemic.

In Nassau County, Curran announced the extension of an online and in-person portal for individuals and businesses to determine whether they qualify for certain federal, state and county aid programs.

In Albany, Cuomo offered grants of up to $50,000 for small businesses with COVID-related expenses taken on between March of 2020 and April of 2021.

“It can be tough to know what you’re eligible for with all those programs out there,” Curran said at a press conference. “It’s hard to figure out the byzantine process of how to apply and we know that navigating that process is tricky.”

The Boost Nassau Resource Center, with a physical office in Eisenhower Park, is intended to help Nassau individuals and businesses navigate these waters, Curran said, calling it a “one-stop-shop for figuring out eligibility.”

“We want every community to get in on this,” she said. “If all communities are batting 1000 that’s great for our entire county.”

Curran extended the call to nonprofits, saying they should look out for updates on the Boost Nassau portal in the coming weeks.

Both announcements came as the county’s OVID-19 positivity rate fell lower than at any point during the pandemic, bouncing between .4 percent and .5 percebt in the past weeks, according to Curran.

“I think we’re really poised for a strong comeback,” Curran said at the press conference. “We’re ready to get back to normal, and we’re ready to open up businesses and schools for good.”

On the day of the conference (Thursday), Curran reported 36 COVID-19 hospitalizations across all 11 hospitals in the county.

In the state’s capital, Cuomo offered the state’s aid to 330,000 small and micro businesses are potentially eligible for this program, noting potential uses for the money include covering payroll, rent, insurance or taxes.

“As we build New York back better than it was before, this program will help these small businesses – particularly those with socially or economically disadvantaged owners – regain an economic foothold so they can forge ahead toward a brighter, more prosperous future,” Cuomo said in a statement.

Some $800 million is up for grabs through the state program, with a minimum award of $5,000 per business.

Both announcements also made a direct reference to minority communities, with Curran citing the office of minority affairs office of Asian-American affairs, and office of Hispanic affairs providing additional support.

Cuomo, in a statement to the press, said how priority of grant distribution will be given to minority and women-owned enterprises, businesses run by veterans, and those located in economically distressed communities.

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