3 bands gratefully raise the Dead

3 bands gratefully raise the Dead

The music that Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead played has defined many of us and spanned generations.

Now at Grateful Fest, three bands — Reckoning, Reflections and Driftwood Kin— will perform the Grateful Dead’s timeless classics.

The band Reckoning reflects the songs of the Dead by exploring new musical innovations.

Reckoning began in 1990 on Long Island and has played over 2000 shows at festivals, theatres and clubs in the Northeast.

Each show is unique and performed with passion, joy, sadness and bliss.

The musicians — Charlie Mirro on guitar, guitar synth and vocals, Bob Laino on guitar and vocals, Rich Hutchinson on keys and vocals, Jeff Goldstein on bass and William “Buzz” Abelson on drums — express emotions through improvisation while breathing new life into each song.

Reflections grew up with and were also shaped by the music of the Dead.

Sharing this music has been their goal and love, and they perform with a vibrancy and joy resulting in a unique energetic sound and overflowing rooms.

If you closed your eyes, you would never guess that Driftwood Kin is a trio.

Their full, rich sound combines elements of Americana, bluegrass, rock, and jazz, and their improvisation and sweet harmonies create an auditory mosaic balancing adventure and home.

Whether playing originals or covers from artists and bands such as Bob Dylan, Phish, The Band, Cake, and Little Feat, as well as The Grateful Dead, Driftwood Kin always pays true homage to their songs.

The result is a beautifully inspiring story that is sure to move the audience.

These three acts will make for a perfect tribute night at the Paramount on Saturday, July 29 at 8 p.m.

The Paramount is located at 370 New York Ave. in Huntington.

To get tickets and for more information about the concert, go to www.paramountny.com.

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