American Airpower Museum’s C-47B commemorates U.S. Air Force 75th anniversary!

American Airpower Museum’s C-47B commemorates U.S. Air Force 75th anniversary!
Living Historians and participants line up and board AAM’s WWII Douglas C-47B Skytrain Second Chance

To commemorate the United States Air Force 75th Anniversary, American Airpower Museum’s Douglas C-47B “Skytrain” is set to perform Living History Flight Experiences on Saturday, Sept. 24.

On Sept. 26, 1947, by order of the secretary of defense, personnel of the Army Air Forces were transferred from the Department of the Army to the newly established United States Air Force!

Due to popular demand for American Airpower Museum’s C-47B program, flights are also set for Saturday, Oct. 8.

These one-of-a-kind immersive educational flights are led by noted WWII Living Historian Robert Scarabino, who with help from his 101st Airborne Living Historians, provides passengers with a sense of what 101st and 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers felt on their incredible 1,200-plane D-Day assault.

Nicknamed “Second Chance,” this is an original C-47B built in 1944 and supplied to the U.S. Army Air Force. Each D-Day flight features a mission briefing; a chance for passengers to wear authentic military field jackets, helmets, and gear throughout the mission.

Once on board AAM’s C-47B, passengers watch pilots operate their aircraft as “paratroopers” get ready for battle. It’s so realistic and unforgettable, right up to the moment when passengers hook their parachutes up to the static line and get ready to jump. Don’t worry, no jumping is allowed!

Four flights are scheduled each Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. A few seats are left, but they book up fast.

To reserve a seat, go to AAM’s website at and click “Book Flight Experience” tab. Call (516) 531-3950 or (631) 454-2039. Or just visit AAM’s gift shop Wednesday to Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Hangar 3, 1230 New Highway, Farmingdale.

As a special anniversary promotion, Cockpit USA has over-stocked the gift shop with discounted flight jackets; 10 percent of all sales will be donated to AAM!

The public can visit Hangar 3 all day on Sept. 24 and Oct. 8, to watch each flight and tour AAM’s many exhibits. Watch as “paratroopers” (Living Historians) and passengers suit up, apply face black-out, don their parachutes, check weapons and board Second Chance.

Watch as the plane’s mighty twin engines fire up and she takes off from Republic. Regular admission for adults is $15, seniors and veterans $12 and children 5-12 $10. Tickets and pre-registration not required for regular admission. Snacks and refreshments are available for purchase on site.

Second Chance, an original WWII C-47B, was transferred to the Royal Air Force in 1945 and flew in the Berlin Airlift (1948 – 1949) with the RAF, serving until 1950. The aircraft next served in the Belgian Air Force for two years.

In 1952 she went to the French Air Force, serving two years in Viet Nam, as well as in India, Algeria, Morocco and the Congo. In 1967 she was sold to Israel and flew in the Israeli Defense Force 32 years.

AAM acquired the aircraft in 2000. In addition to AAM’s D-Day flights, she also performs at regional air shows in classic WWII D-Day markings with the original “D8” code. One of the last C-47Bs still in stock military configuration, this aircraft has just over 17,000 hours in the air, one of the world’s lowest flight times ever!

This is a family-friendly program for all ages and a wonderful way to educate young Americans about WWII and how U.S. military veterans fought to defend our freedom. Support AAM’s mission to honor veterans and military aviation history by helping maintain and preserve the Museum’s historic aircraft.


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