Hard rock bands to play The Paramount

Hard rock bands to play The Paramount

Glassjaw has been regarded as one of the most influential bands of the post-hardcore genre.

Born of the Long Island hardcore scene, producer Ross Robinson declared in 2000 that Glassjaw “was on a mission to destroy the ‘Adidas Rock’ of nu-metal bands” like Limp Bizkit.

Glassjaw’s usage of dissonant melodies through their two guitarists, Justin Beck and Todd Weinstock, create a jazz-like sound that is unique and original for the genre.

Nick Greer of Sputnik music stated that “part of what makes Glassjaw such a stand-out band is a combination of structured genre blending and blissfully naive experimentation.”

Michael Ventimiglia of the Long Island Press said that their Worship and Tribute album “helped shape and define music for a new generation.”

Glassjaw will be performing with special guests, the Cro-Mags at The Paramount on Saturday, Dec. 30 at 9 p.m.

The Paramount is located at 370 New York Ave. in Huntington.

For tickets and more information, call 631-673-7300 or go to www.paramountny.com.

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