Huntington’s Paramount entertainment experience tops in the world

Huntington’s Paramount entertainment experience tops in the world
The Paramount hosts a variety of artists, from country to oldies and beyond. (Photo provided by The Paramount)

The Paramount, recently ranked as the No. 1 club venue in the world based on ticket sales by Pollstar Magazine, offers a multi-faceted approach to live entertainment. With a diverse range of shows, close-ups of artist interviews and countless food options, the Huntington-based locale provides more than just a show.

The venue, with about a 1,500-person capacity, hosts a variety of shows from music to comedy and beyond.

“[We are] certainly trying to fill the calendar with as many different types of events you know, from the comedy shows to the rock shows to boxing and everything in between,” said Dan Ellis, director of marketing for The Paramount.

The Paramount can be rearranged to fit the needs of the show that is performing. There can be all-standing configurations, all-sitting layouts and a hybrid mix of both.

“Some of the older artists where the audience is older, they want to sit, and consequently with the rap and the hip hop shows and the heavy metal shows, they want to stand,” Ellis said. “We have the flexibility for both.”

For a yearly fee, individuals or corporations can have access to a membership-only private area located downstairs in yhe venue called the Founder’s Room.

Ellis said it is a 1920 speakeasy-themed room which has special events and gives members the option to buy tickets before the public. “Hopefully, the band will come down [to the Founder’s Room] and hang out at the end of the night, and we’ll do some specialty events on the holidays,” he said.

The Paramount also has a partnership with Connoisseur Media Long Island – which owns five radio stations – to broadcast interviews with people performing at the venue along with other bonus content.

“We give the artist the opportunity before a concert if they want to come down and do an interview on the radio to promote the show, to promote their album, to promote themselves,” Ellis said. “I think we’re definitely unique in that partnership and in the way that we utilize it. I think we’ve had some good success with it – giving the artists a little different opportunity other than just coming to perform a concert.”

They also offer street-side views of the radio booth for fans to see the interviews happening live.

“[Fans] can come early and catch their favorite artists in the radio studio out front and get that ‘Today’ show, ‘Good Morning America’ kind of feel, where we’re broadcasting to the street, and people can come and check it out,” Ellis said.

The Paramount makes sure its guests won’t go hungry while watching a show.

“We have three locations that serve food before and after the shows for different types of folks,” Ellis said.

In addition to the food available in the main venue, Spotlight at the Paramount is a restaurant, bar and stage on the premises that was taken over and renovated before the pandemic.

“We have this stage in the back and we can do shows up to 200 people in the back for smaller bands and local bands,” Ellis said. “We did this to feature local artists and local musicians and local talent.”

They have also partnered with Ella’s – a local Italian bistro next to the venue – to offer even more dining options.

The Paramount also strives to be more than just an entertainment venue by being active in the local community.

“Any of the organizations that are doing good, we are always trying to help — you know, donate tickets for auctions and raffles and things where we can,” Ellis said. “Offering up our facility to try and help with their own razors and clothing drives and food drives and blood drives and all that stuff throughout the year.”

“It’s part of what we do, and we enjoy it,” he said.

The venue does not have permanent seats, so they can be removed to allow for expanded standing room. (Photo provided by The Paramount)

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