Symphony of Hope: The Long Island Concert Orchestra

Symphony of Hope: The Long Island Concert Orchestra
Long Island Concert Orchestra Music Director and Conductor, Enrico Fagone, will lead the orchestra in presenting Symphony of Hope. (Photo by Roberto Ricci)

The public is warmly invited to participate in an inspirational evening of music set to take place on May 2nd at 8 pm at the Tilles Center’s Krasnoff Theater.

Beyond the artistry shared, the evening will serve as a means to support two outstanding institutions: The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center.

The concert will showcase special guests from JAMD, a school in Israel currently facing a funding crisis due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas War.

Two students, one Jewish and one Arab, will accompany one of the music selections, sending a powerful message of unity through music. Michael Klinghoffer, the President of JAMD, will also attend the event, further emphasizing the importance of this benefit concert.

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center, a nonprofit educational organization, is another beneficiary. HMTC educates students on the atrocities of the Holocaust and the importance of tolerance and respect for all people.

Funds from the concert will aid in their mission to enlighten minds and promote a world free from hate and prejudice.

“This spectacular event is a golden opportunity for community members to support these organizations. By attending the Symphony of Hope Concert, our community will not just enjoy an evening of incredible music, but will be helping JAMD and HMTC continue their essential work,” stated David Winkler, composer and executive and artistic director of Chamber Players International.

Organizers strongly encourage sponsorship opportunities, which not only provide necessary funding for these organizations but also bring visibility to a commitment to tolerance, respect, and the arts.

If a sponsorship is not possible, patrons are urged to purchase tickets for themselves and their loved ones.

The organizations involved encourage all to attend the Symphony of Hope benefit concert on May 2nd at 8 pm at the Krasnoff Theater, Tilles Center, emphasizing it as an opportunity to come together for an evening of unity, music, and hope.

For more information, including details on tickets and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

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