11 local school districts will receive more than $200M in state aid in 2023-24

11 local school districts will receive more than $200M in state aid in 2023-24
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The 11 public school districts in the North Shore will receive more than $204 million in state aid for the 2023-24 school year thanks to a 7.1% increase in assistance to New York’s school districts. 

Long Island as a whole will see a $771 million increase in state aid as part of a budget that provides $31.3 billion in school assistance – a $2.1 billion increase from last year. 

Last year, Long Island received nearly a $450 million increase in state aid.

Robert Schneider, the executive director of the state’s school board association said in a statement earlier this month that “the foundation aid formula, first created in 2007 and intended to provide a sound, basic education for all students, is fully funded for the first time. This achievement cannot be overstated and must not be overlooked.”

Herricks will receive $26.7 million in state aid in the coming school year,  followed by Port Washington’s $19.2 million, Great Neck’s $14.9 million, Mineola’s $14.6 million, New Hyde Park-Garden City Park’s $12.1 million, Roslyn’s $12 million, Floral Park-Bellerose’s $10.3 million, North Shore’s $9.7 million and East Williston’s $7.4 million, according to the budget figures.

The 11 local school districts’ state aid will increase by an average of $4.2 million or 31.6%, an analysis by Blank Slate Media shows.

The Sewanhaka Central High School District will receive more than $71.6 million, the highest out of all districts analyzed, while the Manhasset School District’s $6.2 million in state aid is the lowest.

Herricks received the largest year-to-year increase in state aid after receiving $18.2 million in 2022-23. The smallest increase was in New Hyde Park-Garden City Park, which received an increase shy of $2 million or 18.1%, according to the figures.

Herricks also received the largest percentage increase with a 47.1% rise in state aid from last year, while New Hyde Park-Garden City Park received the lowest percentage increase with 18.1%.

The average state aid each local district will receive per pupil is more than $4,800, based on district enrollment for the 2022-23 school year.

Sewanhaka will receive $9,215 of state aid funds for each of the district’s 7,770 students, according to the data, the most among all districts. Manhasset will receive $2,100 for each of the district’s $2,957 students, the lowest among all districts.

New Hyde Park-Garden City Park will receive $7,339 for their 1,648 students, Floral Park-Bellerose will receive $6,431 for their 1,603 students, Herricks will receive $5,418 for their 4,930 students, Mineola will receive $5,089 for their 2,875 students, East Williston will receive $4,642 for their 1,601 students, North Shore will receive $3,808 for their 2,551 students, Port Washington will receive $3,644 for their 5,270 students, Roslyn will receive $3,642 for their 3,294 students and Great Neck will receive $2,180 for their 6,821 students, according to the data.

Great Neck had the second-largest reported 2022-23 enrollment with more than 6,800 students while East Williston’s 1,601 students was the lowest enrollment figure out of all the school districts.

The average state aid for the 11 school districts last year was $14.3 million and increased more than 21% from the prior year, a Blank Slate Media analysis in 2022 revealed.

The average increase for all the school districts was a higher percentage than the four districts where minority enrollment was greater than white enrollment.

The four school districts whose 2021-22 minority enrollment was greater than their white enrollment are Great Neck, Herricks, New Hyde Park-Garden City Park and Sewanhaka.

Minority enrollment is comprised of black, Hispanic or Latino, Asian and other non-white students, according to the state’s Education Department.

The average 31% increase in state aid for the 11 school districts this year is greater than the 27% increase in Great Neck, 21% in Sewanhaka and 18% in New Hyde Park-Garden City Park.

Aside from Herricks, the only other districts above the average percentage increase of state aid were North Shore at 43%, Roslyn at 43%, East Williston at 37% and Floral Park-Bellerose at 32%.

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