Bomb threat made against Manhasset Secondary School

Bomb threat made against Manhasset Secondary School
A bomb threat was made against the Manhasset Secondary School on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of the Manhasset School District)

A bomb threat was called into the Manhasset Secondary School by an unidentified individual Tuesday, acting Superintendent Gaurav Passi said in a letter to the district community.

Passi said the building was evacuated after the school received the threat and the Nassau County Police Department was contacted. Police deemed the call to be “non-credible” and classes ultimately resumed and the remainder of the district’s evening activities were to go on as scheduled, he said.

Police said they were conducting an investigation into the call. Passi encouraged parents and guardians to share any safety concerns they may have.

“Unfortunately, this incident unnecessarily disrupted our instructional day and consumed valuable resources, especially the time of the Nassau County Police Department,” Passi said in the letter. “Not only did this incident divert the attention of our first responders from other emergency situations, it also caused unnecessary concern, especially in the wake of last week’s events.”

An 18-year-old man killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school last week. 

A pair of threats were made against John Lewis Childs School in December, with one resulting in a full evacuation, officials said.

Floral Park Police Commissioner Stephen McCallister said at a previous Board of Education meeting that the first threat on Dec. 12  was a text message being passed around by students.

McCallister told the more than 100 attendees, mainly on Zoom, that authorities identified the potential author of the text message, went to the child’s house and were able to determine the child was not a behavioral problem and that no weapons were available in the home. McAllister advised district Superintendent Kathleen Sottile that the threat was not credible and classes were held the following day.

In the second incident on Dec. 13, an index card was found in a bathroom with scribbling that referred to a classroom shooting and a potential bomb threat in the library.

The children were evacuated from the school with the help of officers, and McCallister said an investigation again found that the threat was not credible.

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