Car crashes into Greenvale’s Charles Krypell

Car crashes into Greenvale’s Charles Krypell
A car crashed into the side of local jeweler Charles Krypell along Northern Boulevard Monday morning, damaging the store. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Krypell)

A car crashed into the side of Greenvale’s fine jewelry store Charles Krypell early Monday morning.

Store co-owner Tyler Krypell said the incident occurred at 5:29 a.m. due to a two-car collision on Northern Boulevard. One of the cars, a silver SUV, struck the side of the store. Nassau County Police confirmed that the SUV slammed into the store following the collision.

Krypell said it was a freak accident and not related to a burglary. He said staff were on site within 15 minutes of the accident to address the situation.

Damage was done to the exterior and interior of the store, including custom cabinetry and walls, Krypell said. He said it was not known what the cost of the damage would be at this moment, but said it would not be cheap.

Krypell said that while the store took a hit, no employees were present at the time of the accident. He also pointed out that since employees remove the products from the store every night, there were no retail items damaged either.

“The thing that matters most is that no one was present at the store at the time,” Krypell said. “Everyone is safe. That’s the main priority.”

Police said that the driver involved sustained minor injuries.

Within hours after the collision, the exterior wall that had been damaged was already boarded up. (Photo by Cameryn Oakes)

The store has closed to address the damage, but Krypell said is planning to be open again within the next couple of days. He said the goal is Thursday, but that opening on Wednesday would be even better.

Krypell said the community has been very supportive during this time. He said it was just a matter of cleaning up the store before they can invite customers in again.

“We’re in good spirits and we’re getting everything taken care of,” Krypell said.

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