Floral Park firefighter to be named Nassau fire commission chairman: village trustee

Floral Park firefighter to be named Nassau fire commission chairman: village trustee
The Floral Park Village Hall Building. (Courtesy of Incorporated Village of Floral Park Facebook)

The Floral Park Board of Trustees informed residents of the upcoming appointment of a Floral Park firefighter as the new fire commission chairman, a speed radar sign purchased by the fire department and some summer concert series and Belmont Park updates coming soon.

At the annual Nassau County Fire Commission meeting Wednesday night, Frank Wakely, Jr. is expected to be elected as the new chairman of the commission, Trustee Frank Chiara announced.

Wakely has been a volunteer firefighter at the Floral Park Fire Department for the last 42 years, Chiara said. He said Wakely, a second-generation firefighter, previously served as chief of the fire department and secretary to the fire commission.

“Congratulations and best of luck to Frank in his new position and thank you for your years of service to our community,” Chiara said.

Trustee Lynn Pombonyo said the Floral Park Police Department purchased a new speed radar sign thanks to $20,000 in funding from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

This new sign displays vehicles’ speeds, which often causes drivers to slow down when driving over the limit, the trustee said. The sign records the speed of each vehicle and sends the data to the police department, she said. Officers can then use the data to track when and where speeding is at its worst and assign patrol officers to those locations, Pombonyo said.

The trustee said the message sign does not record license plates or identify vehicles to the police department.

Trustee Jennifer Stewart said residents should keep an eye out for details on a summer concert series for this year.

Mayor Kevin Fitzgerald said he will be attending a Belmont Park advisory board meeting to discuss updates on the demolition and construction of a new grandstand.

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  1. Good morning. Thank you very much for the article about my husband being appointed Chairman of the Nassau County Fire Commission. It is much appreciated to recognize any individual with dedication to the community in which they live. Unfortunately, you butchered our last name insanely. My husband is Frank Wakely Jr. not sure where your sources came up with the spelling you provided in the article. Please in the future double check when providing a persons name
    In your articles.


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