Incumbents win re-election in all Port village races

Incumbents win re-election in all Port village races
Clockwise starting from the top left: Mary Jo Collins, Frank Genese, Max Frankel, Robert Weitzner, Nora Haagenson, Maria Branco, Charles Comer. (Photos courtesy of the Flower Hill village clerk, the Baxter Estates village clerk and Robert Weitzner)

Three Port Washington villages held elections on Tuesday for three offices each in which all incumbents won re-election.

All the village races in Port Washington were uncontested in the March 21 election.

The villages of Flower Hill, Baxter Estates and Port Washington North all held elections.

In Flower Hill, trustees Mary Jo Collins, Max Frankel and Frank Genese all ran for re-election, winning with 73, 73 and 72 votes, respectively.

The village received votes for four write-in candidates.  Marguerite Krejci received two votes, and Russ Bailyn, Matthew Weinberg and Jennifer Weinberg each received one.

Collins, in a previous interview with Blank Slate, said in her next term she is hoping to continue efforts of cost-saving for the village and revenue expansion to avoid increasing taxes for residents, finding ways to foster resident participation with the village and its board of trustees and continuing to support the highway department.

Genese has been a trustee for the Village of Flower Hill since 2016, and Frankel has served on the board since 2021.

For Baxter Estates, residents had the chance to vote for their mayor and two trustees. The candidates running for re-election of these offices were Mayor Nora Haagenson and trustees Charles Comer and Maria Branco.

All three were re-elected, with Haagenson receiving 45 votes, Comer receiving 44 and Branco receiving 47 votes.

The village had two write-in candidates that each received a single vote: Andrew Korin for mayor and Ted Aitken for a trustee position.

Overall, 49 total ballots were cast in Baxter Estates.

Haagenson, a Baxter Estate resident since 1975, has been mayor since 2015, and will now enter her fifth term in the office.

She previously told Blank Slate in an interview that she plans to renovate Baxter Beach, which she said is in dire need of refurbishing, as well as further beautification of the village in this next term.

Haagenson has also opposed Gov. Kathy Hochul’s housing plan, which would require municipalities with MTA stations to rezone for higher-density residential development, including the Town of North Hempstead.

If re-elected, she said she would continue fighting against this plan.

In Port Washington North, Mayor Robert Weitzner and Trustees Matthew Kepke and Andrea Scheff ran for re-election, [all of which were voted into their offices again].

Weitzner won with 61 votes, Kepke with 54 votes and Scheff with 66 votes. There were no write-in candidates.

Weitzner has been mayor of Port Washington North for 18 years. Kepke has been in office since 2014 and Scheff assumed her position last summer when she took over for her late-husband Sherman Scheff. He had been a trustee since 2008.

Weitzner previously told Blank Slate that he would like to us this next term to expand recreational facilities in the community, build a village hall, finish repaving all roads – which has been 60% done – and maintain the village’s top rating for fiscal stress by the state’s comptroller.

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