New AEDs donated to Port Washington Fire Department

New AEDs donated to Port Washington Fire Department
Port Washington Fire Department Board of Directors and Chief's Office receiving the AEDs from Jean-Marie Posner, the Peter and Jeri Dejana Foundation secretary. (Photo courtesy of the Port Washington Fire Department)

Ten new automatic external defibrillators were donated to the Port Washington Fire Department by the Peter and Jeri Dejana Foundation, replacing the old ones which were over ten years old.

Chief of Department Brian Waterson said the department uses AEDs frequently, “more than [the department would] like to use them.” When used, he said they are effective and provide “excellent results” in life-saving measures, vital in saving lives. 

“Studies show that the survival rate of a patient defibrillated within the first 3 minutes of a cardiac arrest can produce survival rates of between 50% & 70%,” the press release states. “AEDs are as essential as fire extinguishers to the Department.

Waterson said there is a life expectancy for AED units, and changes are done in manufacturing over time, so new units provide the benefit of updated software and increased effectiveness in saving lives.

“We pride ourselves on our rapid responses to emergencies, and rapid response means rapid defibrillation which results in cardiac saves,” Waterson said.

The new AEDs are “state of the art,” according to a press release, and are still compatible with the Advanced Life Support heart monitor/defibrillators used in the department’s ambulances.

The new AEDs will be in all department chiefs’ cars, in emergency medical response vehicles and inside the department headquarters building.

While the new AEDs will be similar to the old ones used by the department, Waterson said department employees will be working to familiarize themselves with the new defibrillators during in-service training.

The Dejana Foundation is a longtime supporter of the Port Washington Fire Department, as well as the broader Port Washington community. Previously they purchased the department’s ALS heart monitors and prior defibrillators, as well as contributed to the purchase of their last two ambulances.

“We’re just thankful for Mr. Dejana’s constant support of the department,” Waterson said. “The money is being put to good use in purchasing life-saving equipment.”

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