No noticeable change in Port traffic issues: Hynes

No noticeable change in Port traffic issues: Hynes
Paul D. Schreiber High School. Based on feedback, Port Washington Superintendent Michael Hynes stated that there has been no discernible improvement in traffic issues affecting school drop-offs and pickups.

Port Washington Superintendent Michael Hynes said there has been no detectable improvement in traffic issues affecting school drop-offs and pickups based on feedback he has received.

Hynes made the announcement as a follow-up to a June special town hall on traffic issues.

“I’ve spoken with the Port Police Department to see if they’ve noticed any difference with the morning and afternoon traffic by Campus Drive,” he said. “And the feedback I’ve received at this point is that there’s really no noticeable difference to point out.”

He said that based on his own observations, the morning and the afternoon seem to be a “bit lighter.”

School board officials have speculated that the increased traffic is due to bus route changes and COVID-19. Some students face an hour-long morning bus commute due to route merging, prompting many parents to drop off their children instead.

“I also know that we have an incredible presence with our crossing guards,” said Hynes. “Who, I know for a fact, does an amazing job assisting our students either crossing the street or making sure traffic is flowing as well as it can.”

Hynes said the district will continue to solicit feedback and that he will provide another progress update in the spring.

Kathleen Manuel, assistant superintendent for business, also provided an overview update on the district’s transportation.

She said the district is working to schedule installation on district-owned buses and the contractors’ buses as part of the Stop Arm program. The program will use cameras to monitor and improve bus stop safety by ticketing vehicles that illegally pass a bus waiting to pick up or drop off children.

Manuel also said the district will look to launch a beta program for StopFinder in January. The app will provide real-time bus location and messages, updates and alerts to parents.


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