North Shore prepares to vote in contested District 7 state Senate Dem Primary

North Shore prepares to vote in contested District 7 state Senate Dem Primary
New York State Senate District 7 Democratic candidates Brad Schwartz (left) and Kim Keiserman (Right). (Photos courtesy of the candidates)

As New York voters head to the polls on June 25 for the state’s primary election, the election headlining the North Shore will be the Democratic primary race for state Senate District 7.

Kim Keiserman and Brad Schwartz are going head-to-head in the race to challenge District 7 state Sen. Jack Martins, a Republican endorsed by the Conservative Party, who is running for re-election. The primary winner will face off against Martins in November.

The district, which includes much of the North Shore and the Town of Oyster Bay as far east as Woodbury, is currently represented by Martins, who flipped the district red in 2022.

Keiserman is an education consultant and serves as a commissioner for the North Hempstead Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, chairwoman of the Baxter Estates Planning Board and a board member of the Come to Believe Network.

She is also president of the Port Washington Democratic Club, a zone Leader for the Nassau County Democratic Committee and co-president of the Baxter’s Pond Foundation.

Her campaign platform encompasses advocating for reproductive rights, investing in public education, fostering gun safety legislation, lowering taxes and bolstering affordability, protecting the environment and standing up against bigotry.

Keiserman’s intent in running is to give Long Island a seat at the table at the state level to ensure their voices are heard, according to her campaign.

Schwartz, who ran in the 2018 race but dropped out before the primary against former state Sen. Anna Kaplan, is a former television editor and producer with a Ph.D in public policy. He is a lifelong resident of Long Island’s North Shore and lives in Roslyn.

He is the founding chairman of Sid Jacobson JCC’s Community Needs Bank.

Schwartz’s campaign is focused on addressing the district’s high cost of living, bolstering public school funding, developing housing, supporting reproductive rights, healthcare affordability, combatting hate and antisemitism, protecting the environment and bettering public safety.

In a candidate forum hosted by the Port Washington–Manhasset League of Women Voters, both Keiserman and Schwartz touted their ability to unseat Martins in the general election this November.

Both denounced Martins’ “extremist” rhetoric.

​​“I believe we deserve to be represented by someone who can bring us together to find real solutions, not someone who fear mongers, sows divisions and panders to the extremes of their party,” Keiserman said. “To regain our voice in Albany, it’s vital that we flip this seat.”

Schwartz said Martins fear mongers, whereas his own pursuit as a candidate is in debunking disinformation. He said it is necessary that a Democratic candidate is capable of standing “toe-to-toe” with Martins in the general election.

“I know how to respond to that kind of messaging,” Schwartz said.

Keiserman called Martins’ rhetoric “increasingly hardline and out of touch with the values of our district.”

Martins defeated former state Sen. Anna Kaplan in 2022, but Keiserman said that election was very different.

In this year’s election, she said, voters will be aware of Martins’ actions as a legislator and his rhetoric. Keiserman said Martins has not been active in the district.

She said it is also expected to be a higher voter turnout due to the presidential election, which could bolster the chances of a Democrat win.

Backing the two Democratic candidates are collections of endorsers, from state organizations to local leaders.

Keiserman has garnered a slew of endorsements including Planned Parenthood Empire State Votes Political Action Committee, Everytown for Gun Safety, Rep. Tom Suozzi (NY-03), Nassau County and New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs and various other past and present Democrat politicians.

Schwartz has been endorsed by the New York Working Families Party and Frederick Brewington, a Long Island civil rights attorney.

The primary election will be held on June 25, with early voting occurring from June 15 through June 23. The general election featuring the primary winners will be held on Nov. 5.

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