Port North board discusses future construction in community

Port North board discusses future construction in community
Trustees Matthew Kepke and Michael Malatino at the board meeting Tuesday night. (Photo by Ashley Pickus)

By Ashley Pickus

The Village of Port Washington North Board of Trustees discussed construction plans for upcoming projects Tuesday night, including an updated Soundview Marketplace and an accessible playground and park.

Superintendent of Buildings Robert Barbach informed the board on the progression of construction for upcoming tenants within the Soundview Marketplace, including a Starbucks, Just Salad, Woof Gang and Eden Nail Spa.

He also mentioned the possibility of an indoor pickleball court.

Trustee Andrea Scheff expressed concern that a potential pickleball court would require a lot of parking. Barbach, in response, suggested fully examining the parking location to evaluate the situation.

“Now’s the time that we want a complete analysis of how many parking spaces exist and how many are being dedicated to different uses,” Barbach said. “And then before anything else comes in, we’re gonna look at that and then they may have to go back for a new variance if it is something that occupies at that level.”

Barbach also provided an update on the controversial New Oasis project, stating that it is still undergoing further application review.

Mayor Robert Weitzner also proposed replacing the pea gravel by the kayak launch with artificial turf.

He cited the problems associated with pea gravel, such as children tearing up the landscape and destroying the area. Artificial turf, Weitzner said, would be beneficial in multiple ways.

“It’s pervious, it’s not a large area at all, easy to clean, we already have water there, it’s not particularly hot, it’s usually natural pellets not the rubber, easy to contain, long life, and I just think it’ll clean the place up,” Weitzner said.

The board also discussed securing a second grant to construct the planned accessible park. According to Weitzner, this money will be used to build an accessible splash pad and for amenities such as parking.

The grant is intended to be submitted by the end of July.

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