Port Washington votes to approve library’s budget, re-elects Trustee Saur

Port Washington votes to approve library’s budget, re-elects Trustee Saur
Port Washington Public Library (Photo Credit: Kevin Spelman)

The Port Washington community voted to approve the Port Washington Public Library’s 2024-2025 budget Tuesday night and re-elect Trustee Adrienne Saur.

The library’s budget received 438 votes for approval, with just 47 votes against it. Saur received 441 votes and will begin another five-year term in July.

The budget amounts to nearly $7.8 million, a 3.9% increase from the current budget of $7.5 million and a 2% tax increase.

Library Board President William Keller said previously in a letter the budget was drafted with economic factors, maintaining facility conditions and community needs in mind.

Employee benefits are budgeted to increase by about 7.12% in 2025 and a 7.09% increase for salaries.

Expenses for library materials are budgeted for a slight decrease of $6,000, with $471,000 allotted in 2025.

Also decreasing in budgeted expenses are building operations, which will be falling by 2.98% with $390,370 budgeted.

Library operations, however, would be increasing under the 2025 budget. Library operations are budgeted at $678,000, a 2.73% increase.

The library also budgeted $156,350 for equipment, repairs and transfers and another $12,111 for debt service, bringing total library expenditures to $7,794,101.

Revenues for 2025 are projected to be $7,638,101 with about $1 million from the library’s fund balance to cover the spending fully.

Also voted on was the re-election of Saur. She received 441 votes.

Saur will begin another five-year term with the library beginning in July.

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