Roslyn H.S. unveils Wall Street trading lab to teach software

Roslyn H.S. unveils Wall Street trading lab to teach software
Students from Roslyn High School and teacher Magdaleeni Milonakis at the brand-new trading floor and financial research lab. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the software programs that drive the financial sector in the lab. (Photo courtesy of Roslyn Public Schools)

Roslyn High School has launched a new financial research lab and trading floor for students, the district announced.

The lab will give students the chance to learn about the software applications that power the financial industry. Teacher Magdaleeni Milonakis, who joined the district in 2020, will instruct the new course.

The class will take part in the Bloomberg Trading Challenge. Teams of three to five students will devise a plan and place trades to outperform their competitors. If desired, students may pass a standardized test to get a Bloomberg Market Concepts certification.

The innovative lab area has 24 student terminals with Bloomberg Terminal software and an interactive Market Wall. From there, students will design equity portfolios and analyze risk by studying particular companies and indices.

The software platform offers historical and real-time data and analytics. The Market Wall is a digital wall that offers the most recent data on indexes, currencies, stocks and bonds.

Board of Education President Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy said the district is proud of this initiative. She also said it resulted from years of collaboration.

“We believe passionately and always have in the enormous value of all aspects of experiential education in every sector and at all levels,” she said. “Our latest iteration of our values is reflected in our cutting edge, state-of-the-art financial lab where our students will be working and developing real world market ready competitive skills.”

She said for their students to succeed, leadership and collaboration always make a difference.

Michael Goldspiel, assistant superintendent for secondary education, said the high school business and finance students need every advantage, especially in an environment where the economy and geopolitics are changing quickly.

“This course will extend students’ knowledge of financial markets through their intersection with our economy, global trade, fundamental and technical analysis,” he said.

Superintendent Allison Brown said she is excited about the new endeavor.

“Our finance lab will equip [students] with a competitive edge,” she said. “The course will enhance the professional marketability of all our students who plan to go to college for finance, accounting, marketing or supply chain management.”

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