Roslyn’s Knit celebrates 20th anniversary

Roslyn’s Knit celebrates 20th anniversary
Knitters gather around the table at Knit in Roslyn. (Photo courtesy of Knit)

Cheryl Lavenhar, the owner of Roslyn’s Knit, never expected to be in the knitting business but described it as something she rather fell into.

“It was never my plan in life, but it brings me immense pleasure,” Lavenhar said.

She also did not have a vision for how Knit might evolve, let alone foresee the celebration of being open for 20 years. Lavenhar described it as a milestone fraught with emotions.

“Coming here is what keeps me young, keeps me going,” Lavenhar said.

Roslyn’s Knit, located at 1353 Old Northern Blvd No. 3, is a local yarn supply store for various knitting and crocheting projects.

Lavenhar started working at Knit as an employee, later becoming a store partner and culminating in her current role as the sole owner.

In April, the store celebrated its 20th anniversary of being a source of yarn for local knitters and crocheters.

But that’s not all that Knit is.

Lavenhar wrapped up Knit’s mission in a single sentence: a knitting store that encourages a sense of community.

At various times throughout the week, especially on Saturday afternoons, a slew of crafters all working on different projects can be found sitting around the store’s centrally located table. For some unsuspecting customers who walk in this can be an intimidating sight – a feeling that they are disturbing some event.

But this is what Knit is, a gathering place for knitters and crocheters of all skills and walks of life, and Lavenhar assures newcomers they are never interrupting and are more than welcome to grab a seat as well.

“It’s just people here hanging out,” Lavenhar said. “It’s just people who come in and meet each other and make friendships around the table who would never meet any other way.”

Community is an integral aspect of Knit’s business model, providing a welcoming space for individuals to not only purchase yarn but seek out guidance and assistance in the projects they then use the yarn for.

“You walk in the door and people say hello to you,” Lavenhar said. “That’s a big thing to me.”

For anyone who purchases their yarn from Knit, Lavenhar said they are welcome to come into the store at any time to seek help on their knitting and crochet projects – free of charge.

“Unless you need to learn a new technique, then we’re going to just hold your hand throughout the project,” Lavenhar said.

With a growing knitting and crocheting trend and individuals new to the craft, Lavenhar invites customers to join them around the large craft table in the center of the store. This is where they can seek help and inspiration or find a friendly person to chat with as they knit away.

Knit’s table is not just a place to seek help as you frantically try to fix a mistake, but also a place where a community of knitters and crocheters is fostered.

“I got a lovely card from one of my customers where she said she learned to be a better knitter and a better person by sitting around my table,” Lavenhar said.

But while every customer is welcomed into the store the moment they step foot inside, Lavenhar said it is also important not to be too pushy and allow the crafters to browse, shop and ask for help at their leisure.

To reach the 20-year milestone, Lavenhar said some of her success is just good ol’ luck.

But it’s staying power also can be traced to Lavenhar’s decision to cater to the customer base and foster a community that draws in customers time and time again.

Reaching its 20th anniversary is a feat, Lavenhar said, and she anticipates keeping it going until she no longer can.

While Knit has reached success, Lavenhar said its growth is not stopping here.

As new people take up the craft of knitting and crocheting, Lavenhar said she is seeking to continue bringing in new customers and offering classes that introduce newcomers to the craft.

“There’s always a new crop,” Lavenhar said. “I just want to continue to grow my community, grow my knitters, teach new people.”

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