Town approves Jeanine Dillon as Bosworth’s new chief of staff

Town approves Jeanine Dillon as Bosworth’s new chief of staff
The North Hempstead Town Board, including Councilman Peter Zuckerman, back left, and Supervisor Judi Bosworth, back right, approved $5.6 million to be used toward sidewalk improvements during Tuesday's meeting. (Photo by Rebecca Klar)

The North Hempstead Town Board voted 5-1 to approve the appointment of Jeanine Dillon as Supervisor Judi Bosworth’s new chief of staff at Tuesday’s meeting.

All but Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio voted in favor of the appointment.

Dillon will receive $135,000 for the position.

Dillon has served as deputy supervisor in the Town of Islip, assistant deputy county executive in Suffolk County, director of the Department of Citizen Services in the Town of Huntington, chief of staff for Suffolk County Legislator David Bishop and press secretary for the Town of Babylon’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Bosworth specifically noted Dillon’s position as lean development manager with the New York State Department of Labor as the most important experience she will bring to her new role in the administration.

“‘Lean’ teaches department staff how to work together to eliminate waste and improve customer service,” Bosworth said in a statement. “I will be asking Ms. Dillon to work with each of our departments, starting with procurement, to bring her ‘Lean’ knowledge to our government.”

During the meeting the Town Board also voted unanimously to approve a $5.6 million bond to improve sidewalks.

The money will be spread over five years, with about $1 million going toward improvements each year.

The Town Board reminded residents that the money goes only toward town sidewalks, not Nassau County sidewalks.

The board also voted to designate $100,000 to increase and improve facilities of the town’s lighting district.

During the meeting the Town Board also voted unanimously to adopt several new parking ordinances in Port Washington.

On Seaview Boulevard, a former bus stop from a bus route no longer in service will be removed to provide more on street parking and add a loading zone in the cul-de-sac.

De Giorgio said this resolution also takes away restrictions and allows for more street parking to meet business owners’ requests.

On the east side of Carlton Avenue, north of Webster Avenue in Port Washington, the Town Board adopted a resolution to move a “No Stopping Here to Corner” sign further back at a resident’s request to allow the resident more room to back out of his home.

On the east side of North Maryland Avenue, south of Ohio Avenue in Port Washington, a “No Stopping Here to Corner” parking sign was also moved further back.

The board also unanimously approved $75,000 for the study and evaluation of facilities of the Harbor Hills Park District.

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