$150K community block grant comes through for Plaza road fixes

$150K community block grant comes through for Plaza road fixes
American Paving and Masonry will continue to do road repairs throughout Great Neck Plaza. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

Great Neck Plaza officials authorized the execution of a $150,000 community block grant last Wednesday, with an intent to invest it in further road repairs with their contractor.

Originally, American Paving and Masonry’s $234,640 contract covered seven roads: Overlook Avenue, Clent Road, North Station Plaza, Bond Street, Welwyn Road and its extension.

With the new infusion of grant money, repairs will also occur on Walnut Place, Pierce Place, Gussack Plaza and Gilcrest Road, as well as the Barstow Road roundabout.

Officials said costs must not exceed the village engineer’s estimates of $170,203.50 and $12,000 for the roads and roundabout.

Great Neck Plaza Mayor Jean Celender said those roads can be done “as an extra on the unit prices that were done with American Paving, which were very advantageous.”

This block grant builds upon $125,000 from a State and Municipalities Facilities grant, which officials authorized at the previous meeting.

“Between the monies from the SAM and the community development block grant, which starts now, we can get our contractor that we have on board and still in the village, to continue with more roads,” Celender said.

“You don’t want the contractor to have to go to another area and mobilize again,” Celender added.

This year’s repaving begins a multi-year project to put Great Neck Plaza’s streets in a “state of good repair,” trustees have said.

Celender said she hopes to have the road repair projects done by November.

In unrelated business, the village signed onto the “Mayors Monarch Pledge” to help butterflies, added Eileen Falk to the Board of Zoning and Appeals, and authorized the North Shore Sephardic Synagogue to hold an outdoor Sukkah Party on Sunday night.

They also adjourned a hearing from 14 Park Place, LLC for a permit of compliance and site plan review for a proposed residential dwelling at 15 Bond Street.

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