Best Market in Great Neck to close doors in mid-February

Best Market in Great Neck to close doors in mid-February
The Best Market in Great Neck Plaza will be closing in mid-February. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

The Best Market in Great Neck Plaza will close its doors in February, leaving peninsula residents with fewer local options to purchase their groceries.

Jay Corn, vice president of the Great Neck Plaza Business Improvement District, confirmed that the Best Market in The Gardens at Great Neck Plaza at 40 Great Neck Road will close in mid-February.

Corn called the closing of the store “a big hole to fill” and said no one to his knowledge was lined up to replace the grocery store. Corn said the lack of sufficient parking in the shopping center was problematic for the store.

Efforts to reach a representative of Best Market, Kaplan Equities, which oversees tenants in shopping center, and Great Neck Plaza officials for comment were unavailing.

The Germany-based company Lidl purchased 27 New Jersey and New York Best Market stores, 24 of which are located on Long Island, in January 2019 for an undisclosed price. The company said in early January that it will remodel 12 Best Market stores on Long Island that will be converted to Lidl stores this year, three of which will begin undergoing renovations in February.

The Great Neck location, according to a Lidl news release, will shutter due to not meeting size and leasing requirements, the specifics of which were not disclosed. 

The loss of the Best Market leaves the Great Neck peninsula with one less option for groceries.  After the store shuts its doors in mid-February, the main grocery stores on the peninsula will be Everfresh Supermarket on Middle Neck Road, Shop Delight on Welwyn Road, H Mart on Great Neck Road and Associated Supermarkets on Middle Neck Road.

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  1. This is not a good news AT ALL.

    I don’t know what “not meeting size and leasing requirements” means. That is a big super market but maybe the lease was too expensive.

  2. I hated the ugly blue walls every time I bought dairy I had a triple check because the dates were about to expire they never carry good bread and I go to King Kullen in Manhasset or I will drive to whole foods out of my way. We have nothing here in Greatneck at Best market was low-end why don’t we get some high-end market here everything good is leaving Greatneck

  3. It’s a great place for grocery shopping they have everything people need fruit are fresh fresh bread the meat is fresh and I love the store it’s sad to have a great supermarket go

  4. I fear Great Neck will become a ghost town if we do not replace Best Market with another supermarket. This whole town is going to pot. It’s bad enough stores on middle neck road are vacant. Now we don’t have a supermarket. The stores mentioned as those remaining are nothing but glorified grocery stores Wake up Great Neck

  5. The Best Market in Commack is closing this month too. Nothing slated to replace it. Limited choices for residents there as well. It is getting difficult especially for seniors. Both communities
    need supermarkets at these locations.

  6. I was sad to see Best Market go. I was hoping it would turn into a Lidl, as I like that store, and the prices are fantastic! They have a full selection of items, but just not every brand name in each category. Basically it’s store brand and possibly one other. It is a large space, and I’m supposing Lidl, which probably doesn’t need all of that, didn’t want to pay for a huge space they didn’t need. I don’t see why the shopping center couldn’t work out a deal where they subdivide the space, which would lower the rent for Lidl, while probably making MORE for the landlords overall! Barring that, which doesn’t seem all that likely at this point, perhaps they could see if they could attract another supermarket, such as Stop & Shop, (nearest is in Little Neck), ShopRite (nearest is in New Hyde Park/Lake Success).

  7. We moved to Great Neck from overdeveloped Bayside a little over a year ago. Having a supermarket desert is not a good thing for local real estate. I believe the value of our apartment is diminished due to this very concerning lack of a local regular supermarket. We are seniors, and part of the reason we moved here was the convenience of being able to walk to a decent supermarket. I hope we get another supermarket soon!

  8. Having the choice of frsh seafood, fresh abundant produce is what motivated me to drive miles to this Best Market after my local one in Franklin Square closed and re-opened under Lidel. It is sad to loose Best Market. Trader Joe’s would be a great fill.

  9. Holiday Farms Would be a great supermarket in Great Neck. We used them for years while living in Roslyn. The trouble with Trader Joe’s is that it is based to much on prepared items and not traditional supermarket fair. Stop & Shop is a pig sty and yes the space is quite large and probably if it was a third smaller with a non competitive subdivide it could be a successful and great for the neighborhood.


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