Great Neck Estates board extends terms of office

Great Neck Estates board extends terms of office
The Village of Great Neck Estates voted to extend mayoral, trustee and justice terms from two years to four. (Photo by John Nugent)

By John Nugent

The Village of Great Neck Estates doubled its terms for trustee, mayor and justice from two years to four on Monday night, making it the only village on the peninsula to feature four-year terms and among only a handful on the North Shore.

Subject to permissive referendum, the current terms of two years will be increased to four years effective with the next general election in 2019. Future elections will be held in odd-numbered years.

To achieve this objective, offices filled in the 2019 election will expire in 2023 and offices filled in the 2020 election will expire in 2025. Thereafter all terms will be for four years.

Trustees said that this revised system will significantly reduce the expenses of conducting future village elections.

Unless a petition is filed to call for a public referendum on the issue, the change in the law will take effect 30 days after Monday’s vote.

In unrelated village business, the board approved an expenditure of $8,823 for new equipment on a police vehicle.

Also approved was the allocation of a $40,000 salary for the clerk to the village justice.

The board reviewed a proposal to ban the parking of recreational vehicles on the front side of any property and scheduled a public hearing on the matter for Jan. 14.

Also under review are plans for a new Village Hall building adjacent to the current structure. At this time the proposal is in the early stages of discussion.

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