Great Neck OKs Middle Neck property to be changed for religious use

Great Neck OKs Middle Neck property to be changed for religious use
The Great Neck Village Hall, before burning down in a fire in 2022. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The Village of Great Neck Board of Trustees approved the change of use for a Middle Neck Road property Tuesday night, which will convert the building to strictly for religious use.

Isaac Soleimani requested a change-use permit from the village to convert the building at 813 Middle Neck Road for religious use.

The applicants said they had already received approval from the county.

Soleimani said the village’s building department had left comments on the site plan, which they have addressed.

While the board approved the change-use permit for the building, it is dependent on the building’s sprinkler system being approved by the fire marshall. Soleimani said that is already in progress to be done.

In other news, the village’s Superintendent of Public Works Louis Massaro said the village has been cleaning up after storms ripped through the area Sunday and Monday.

He said the village sweeper went out on Tuesday to clean up debris and fallen branches have been picked up throughout the village.

The board also discussed a storm sewer line blockage on Spring Lane, which has caused flooding in the neighborhood.

The pipe, which has been clogged by roots for more than a decade, has attempted to be cleared in the past but to no avail, Massaro explained.

The sewer line runs along the municipal line separating the Village of Great Neck and Kings Point, making it the second issue of its kind to be discussed concerning the two villages.

As the sewer line potentially concerns both villages and a privately owned property, the board was uncertain who owns the pipe and whose responsibility it is to fix the clogged pipe. The board also was uncertain whether the pipe could be fixed by attempting to bypass the blockage again or if it needed to be replaced.

Deputy Mayor Barton Sobel suggested the village consult a professional on whether unclogging the blockage is possible, but the village decided to start collecting quotes on replacing the section of piping.

The Village of Great Neck Board of Trustees will convene again on Jan. 2.

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