Great Neck to propose zoning changes, small subdivision moratorium

Great Neck to propose zoning changes, small subdivision moratorium
Great Neck Village Mayor Pedram Bral listens as residents speak at a board meeting. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

The Village of Great Neck will introduce zoning amendments for Middle Neck Road and East Shore Road that go hand in hand with a draft environmental impact statement next week, village officials said on Wednesday, as well as a moratorium on small subdivisions.

Village Clerk-Treasurer Joe Gill said the board plans to recognize a complete draft of an environmental impact statement from VHB, the village’s consultant for the “revitalization” of Middle Neck Road and East Shore Road, and put it online for public review.

That meeting will also introduce two pieces of legislation regarding zoning amendments to spur development along the two roads and a six-month moratorium on subdivisions where one property essentially splits into two, Gill said.

“The two kind of go together,” Gill said. “We know that we want to revitalize the Middle Neck Road corridor and East Shore Road corridor. At this point, we’re not sure about these small subdivisions.”

Great Neck Village Mayor Pedram Bral said the board wants to balance the development around the main roads while preserving the more residential parts of the village.

Bral also said the moratorium on small subdivisions follows a number of complaints about them and aims to add time to figure out what should be done “to better the suburbs of our village.”

“Even though we may be increasing the density on the main roads, I don’t think anyone is interested to increase the density anywhere else,” Bral said.

Bral and Gill said that VHB will come to the board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5, to make a presentation on the proposed zoning laws and the final impact statement.

On Feb. 19, there will be a public hearing on both the zoning laws and the moratorium where the village board may or may not adopt the pieces of legislation, Gill said.

These meetings will follow more than a year’s worth of study and discussion. The village had hired VHB Engineering to study a stretch of Middle Neck Road and East Shore Road to propose potential zoning changes for the area and conduct an environmental impact study in late 2017 for a cost not to exceed $100,000.

Previously, VHB highlighted three “underdeveloped” sites, pointed out business vacancies and a “lack of cohesive identity,” and made a handful of suggestions like raising the maximum allowed building height, streetscape improvements, relaxing parking restrictions and embracing mixed-use developments.

A citizens advisory committee was also formed in spring 2018 to solicit community feedback and work with VHB.

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