Kings Point makes step to settle stormwater drainage dispute with Village of Great Neck

Kings Point makes step to settle stormwater drainage dispute with Village of Great Neck
The Village of Kings Point is working to address a stormwater drainage issue with the Village of Great Neck. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The Village of Kings Point made steps to settle a dispute with the Village of Great Neck over a property located in Great Neck’s village along the line separating the municipalities that is causing stormwater runoff into Kings Point due to insufficient drainage systems.

The discussion over the property was held at Kings Point’s Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday night, where both village mayors were present to talk about a solution to the problem

Kings Point Mayor Kouros “Kris” Torkan said the discussion Wednesday comes after months of “talking in circles.”

The Village of Great Neck and the property owner requested that the water buildup be directed through Kings Point’s storm sewer system. Torkan said in order to do that the Village of Great Neck needs to install a catch basin with an oil and water separator on the property.

The Village of Kings Point proposed allowing the Great Neck property to connect to the Kings Point storm sewer system but it must comply with the rest of the requests of the village’s engineer.

The plan required two dry wells to be installed on the property after formerly proposing a requirement of three.

The village attorney for Kings Point, Stephen Limmer, added that the solution would have covenants and restrictions that would prevent the property owner from being able to utilize the drains as the stormwater drains required for his own property.

He said there will also have to be an easement for Kings Point to access the dry wells if needed.

“We figured out the simplest way for the benefit of your client and conformity to the village and state requirements,” Torkan said.

The property owner’s attorney questioned why additional dry wells are necessary to implement in tandem with the remainder of the plan.

Torkan said the dry wells filter out sediments from the water and the overflow goes through a series of pipes to be flushed before entering the storm sewer system.

Village of Great Neck Mayor Pedram Bral said that no sediments are coming from the property, arguing against the need for multiple dry wells.

“So I don’t know why we need one catch basin and a dry well and another dry well,” Bral said.

Torkan said the decision to request dry wells in the plan was suggested by the village’s engineer to limit contaminants entering the village.

“So you’re saying that the Village of Great Neck has contaminants and Kings Point doesn’t?” Bral asked.

Torkan in response said that is the case, such as in a hypothetical event of an oil spill in the Village of Great Neck.

The Kings Point Mayor said the village would consider a different, compromise solution if the property owner were to submit an engineer’s plans to address the situation and to compare it to Kings Point’s proposal, so long as it meets state requirements.

He asked the property owner to submit an application for his plans to address the issue.

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