Kings Point considers laws on zoning and applications

Kings Point considers laws on zoning and applications
Kings Point village trustees, pictured here at a previous meeting, approved $1.5 million worth of bonds for roadwork on Monday night. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

At a special board meeting on Tuesday, Kings Point village officials discussed but took no final action on two proposed laws.

One law would adjust the zoning code in the Village of Kings Point with regard to buildings and other structures. The bill will formally add the definitions of “gazebo,” “impervious material,” “pergola,” “trellis” and redefine “floor area” and “masonry terrace.”

It also adjusts the maximum height of a retaining wall from four feet to six and caps the combined height of all retaining walls and fences within 20 feet of the property line at 10 feet.

Trustees said the law aims to clarify the definitions of certain items and streamline the building process. They noted, however, that the bill may undergo small tweaks.

The board also discussed a law that would withhold the processing of applications to departments, boards, and committees of the Village of Kings Point when violations exist or the applicant owes money to the village.

Kings Point Mayor Michael Kalnick described the proposal as a necessary measure to enforce current laws.

Both bills will face a public hearing on Tuesday, June 20, at 9 p.m. at Kings Point Village Hall.

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