Lake Success amends solar laws, requiring panels to match roofs

Lake Success amends solar laws, requiring panels to match roofs
The Village of Lake Success. (Photo by Billy Fitzpatrick)

The Lake Success Board of Trustees amended its solar energy law to make it easier for residents to install panels on new and existing roofs, providing clearer language for the Planning Board in approving proposals.

The law states that if a resident constructs a roof along with installing solar panels, solar panels must match the roof as closely as possible. If solar panels are being installed on an already existing roof, variations between the color of the roof and the solar panels can be permitted unless matching color options are provided.

Trustee Lawrence Farkas said the aspect of the law addressing when solar panels are installed along with a new roof makes it mandatory that they match for approval by the planning board.

The board opted to adopt the law amending the Solar Energy Collection Systems Law, which Farkas said was proposed after applicants found it difficult to get approval for placing solar panels in the rear of the house.

“So we sort of softened the law,” Farkas said.

He said the amended law still provides the Planning Board with the ability to decide cases, saying “no” when necessary.

Farkas said this makes decisions by the Planning Board “academic” as there are explicit explanations under the new law.

He said the Planning Board was in support of the law, with some members contributing to drafting its language.

As well as amending the solar panel law, the board also approved a slew of proposals and agreements with companies for projects throughout the village.

Included was the approval of a bid for tennis court engineering services, a contract with the golf architect for the design and oversight of golf course construction, a quote for seasonal conditioning of the village’s Har-Tru and red clay courts for $12,300, a quote for new pool tiles to not exceed $35,000 and an agreement with Tilelli Construction for the sand bunker project.

The board said an RFP was posted for the sand bunker project that was sent to six to seven qualified contractors. Only one bid was returned, which was Tilelli Construction’s.

They said despite Tilelli being the only one that submitted a proposal, the company has a good track record in golf projects with positive reviews.

The board also approved the purchase of a new police car to replace the Dodge Charger that was totaled. The new vehicle is a Dodge Durango.

Also for the Lake Success Police Department, the board approved a proposal to install a separate HVAC system in the department’s computer room.

The board said the computer room has issues with getting too hot and there are no windows in the room to bring in airflow. They said this can cause problems with the technology in the room, which needs to be kept at a certain temperature.

The new HVAC system, which costs $7,900, will keep the room at around 66-68 degrees.

The Village of Lake Success Board of Trustees will convene again Dec. 11.

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