Lake Success pushes cell node discussion to 2019

Lake Success pushes cell node discussion to 2019
Edward Ross gives an update on where the village and ExteNet stand on the cell node issue. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

Lawyers for the Village of Lake Success and ExteNet agreed to adjourn a public hearing about the latter’s proposal to install cell nodes throughout the village on Monday night, pushing the hearing to next year.

Concerned Lake Success residents flooded Village Hall for the scheduled hearing, which was set to focus on the telecommunications company’s plan to install 13 cell nodes to improve cellphone service and data capacity. In the past, residents expressed concerns that the cell nodes would adversely affect property values, health and the overall aesthetic of the village.

After the October hearing, both the village and ExteNet hired attorneys on the matter. Lake Success hired Edward Ross of Rosenberg Calica & Birney, while ExteNet brought on Christopher Fisher of Cuddy & Feder.

“ExteNet has addressed and responded to a number of the village’s concerns, [but] the village still has a number of other concerns, which I’m helping the board to address,” Ross said. “So the village’s position at this point, which I concur with, is that the application is still incomplete and is still in effect an application in progress.”

“ExteNet’s position is that the application is complete, so we agreed to disagree on that matter,” Ross added.

Fisher said that the parties have had “various conversations looking for a path forward.” The two key considerations raised were withdrawing four node applications in residential areas in the northwestern part of the village and reviewing requirements from PSEG and LIPA.

Mayor Adam Hoffman said that the next hearing will be on Monday, Feb. 25, at 7:30 p.m. This is to help ensure that all trustees can attend, that residents will be in the village and that all parties will have had ample time to prepare, Hoffman said.

In unrelated village business, trustees also discussed the status of a new ball field and track on Vanderbilt Drive and concluded that the track might be too close to the field.

According to the village website, the track is just shy of a quarter mile and ready to be used, while the ball field still “needs time to settle and to allow the grass to grow.”

In other village business, trustees approved a proposal from Gold Coast Tennis for the annual reconditioning of the village’s tennis courts for a total cost not to exceed $13,800 and signed onto a street lighting maintenance agreement with Welsbach Electric of Long Island.

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