Lakeville Estates to hold 2nd vote on proposed Sands casino

Lakeville Estates to hold 2nd vote on proposed Sands casino
Lakeville Estates Civic Association President Bill Cutrone speaks ahead of the Wednesday, April 19 meeting. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Taylor)

The Lakeville Estates Civic Association will be conducting another vote with members for their thoughts on the Las Vegas Sands’ casino and entertainment proposal.

The association, which represents the greater New Hyde Park area and recently absorbed the Garden City Park Civic Association, discussed concerns on the proposal with a Sands representative during their April 19 meeting. 

After the meeting took place, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman announced a lease agreement with Sands for the development of a casino and entertainment resort at the 72-acre site known as the Nassau Hub.

The agreement, subject to approval from the Republican-controlled county Legislature, would permit the Sands to develop a $4 billion resort that includes a casino, hotel, live entertainment venue, community centers, restaurants and more.

Upon approval by the Legislature, Blakeman said, Sands will provide Nassau County with $54 million.

Prior to the meeting, civic President Bill Cutrone said the initial poll found 89% of members voted “no” when asked if they were in favor of the proposal. 

In a letter to the association, Cutrone said if the vote is favorable for the development, he would recommend members sit on an advisory board that Sands created for community input and guidance on sports, veterans, small business and traffic. Additionally, the civic would insist Sands put in writing a deadline for proposed infrastructure projects, including the proposed track and field structure, senior center and veteran facility. 

If members vote against the proposal again, Cutrone said the association would inform county legislators and the reasons for it. 

Members spoke with Sands representative Mike Rendino, a Nassau County resident, about their concerns, which included safety, security and traffic.

Cutrone said the civic reached out to Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, who said he does not see the proposal as a reason for an increase in crime or prostitution. The association also said surrounding communities of Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, CT., did not expect an increase in crime after inquiring with the local police department. 

Voting will be open for civic members until May 4, Cutrone said.

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