North Shore schools earn top rankings in statewide math, English exams

North Shore schools earn top rankings in statewide math, English exams
The New York State Education Department released test scores on state math and English exams earlier this month. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The East Williston School District earned top rankings across New York state out of 661 schools for the percentage of students in grades 3-9 who are proficient in math and English, according to data from the state Department of Education. 

The district is joined by the North Shore Central School District, Manhasset, Great Neck, Herricks, Roslyn and New Hyde Park-Garden City Park as districts on the North Shore to rank highly among the state in either assessment. 

The education department earlier this month reported district scores for students statewide who participated in spring tests last school year under new learning guidelines known as “Next Generation.” The new guidelines were adopted in 2017 and enacted this year, replacing the previous Common Core guidelines. 

Annual testing on the new standards started in April and ended in May with the math exams. This year’s data were released three months later than last year and a news release was not issued when it was published. 

Statewide, 52% of students in grades 3 through 8 were proficient in math, the data shows, while 48% of students in the same grades were proficient in English.

Because this is the first year of new learning standards, the education department said this year’s test results are not comparable to prior years due to changes. The department made similar statements in the previous years due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning. 

In English, East Williston was tied with Scarsdale for the highest percentage of proficiency in the state at 86%. North Shore and Manhasset were tied for third with 85%, Great Neck was ranked No. 13 with 81%, Hericks was tied at No. 15 with 80%, Roslyn was tied at No. 21 with 77% and New Hyde Park-Garden City Park was tied at No. 27 with 74%. 

In math, East Williston was No. 1 in the state with 93%, North Shore was tied at No. 5 with 91%, Herricks was tied at No. 9 with 89%, Roslyt and Manhasset were tied at No. 11 with 88% and New Hyde Park-Garden City Park was No. 24 with 84%. 

For English proficiency in Nassau County schools, Sewanhaka is ranked No. 17 with 68% proficiency, Port Washington tied at No. 19 with 66%, Floral Park-Bellerose tied at No. 23 and Mineola ranked No. 45 with 51%.

For math proficiency in the county, Sewanhaka ranked at No. 15 with 79% proficiency, Floral Park-Bellerose tied at No. 23 with 74% and Mineola at No. 33 with 64%. Great Neck and Port did not have any data available for math proficiency.

Additional data, which breaks down proficiencies for specific schools, grades and other student variables can be found online at the education department’s website.

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