Plaza road repair project could be done within 3 years: Celender

Plaza road repair project could be done within 3 years: Celender
American Paving and Masonry will continue to do road repairs throughout Great Neck Plaza. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

All of the Village of Great Neck Plaza’s nearly 40 roads could be in a “state of good repair” in a fraction of the time originally anticipated, village officials said last Wednesday at a board meeting.

The project originally aimed to repair all of Great Neck Plaza’s streets within five to six years. But it has been ahead of schedule due to influxes of grant money and the cooperation of American Paving and Masonry, Great Neck Plaza Mayor Jean Celender said.

“We’re able to do many more roads and I think we’re going to get done, maybe, in a three-year period,” Celender said. “I think we can.”

The road repairs began with a $234,640 contract approved in August to repave some or all of seven streets and fix their sidewalks. Four more roads worth about $100,000 were then added, Celender said.

These roads could be added because of community development funds received from Nassau County and a state and municipal program block grant, worth $150,000 and $125,000, respectively.

This is around a third of the total roads in Great Neck Plaza done, Celender added.

“Infrastructure’s a big item,” Celender said. “We don’t want to delay spending moneys to improve our infrastructure, streets and sidewalks.”

Celender said phase two of the project will likely begin in a few weeks after engineers have reviewed what certain streets need and the village can get the project out to bid.

“They will determine, based on their visual observations, what needs to be done,” Celender said.

The roads to be repaired this year include Knightsbridge Road between Great Neck Road and Clent Road, Hillpark Avenue from South Middle Neck Road to Gilchrest Road, Garden Street from Shoreward Drive to Welwyn Road and Welwyn Road to Schenck Avenue, Brompton Road, Ipswich Avenue, Wyngate Plaza from Shoreward Drive to Welwyn Road, Ash Place, South Station Plaza from Middle Neck Road to Barstow Road, Schenck Avenue from Middle Neck Road to Gilchrest Road, Stoner Avenue from Park Place to Gilchrest Road and Chelsea Place.

Taken together, this amounts to about one and a half miles of roadway.

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