‘Pool’ formed from construction standstill raises concerns

‘Pool’ formed from construction standstill raises concerns
A property in the Village of Great Neck has filled with water over a course of six months, in effect creating a pool where a home would otherwise be. (Photo provided to the Great Neck News)

A new body of water in the Village of Great Neck is not attracting residents, but it might be attracting mosquitos.

The property at the southeast corner of Croyden Avenue and Hartley Road has raised concerns among some residents as a large hole in the ground has filled with water amid a monthslong construction standstill.

A concerned neighbor, who asked not to be identified, told the Great Neck News that since work stopped there at least six months ago, the empty foundation for a home yet to be built has become a pool of standing water from all of the rain.

“Now that it’s warm out, there are mosquitos everywhere,” said the neighbor, who provided photos of the site, expressing concern about a possible health hazard.

Building Department Superintendent Len Baron said the village is working with the owner to resolve the issue. He said that there was proper permitting, but that the developers “didn’t expect to find what they found” in regard to drainage issues.

The Great Neck News filed a Freedom of Information Law request with the village Monday afternoon to obtain digital copies of the project’s building and demolition permits.

The village is currently working on boring soil samples and has helped revise the design of the foundation, which originally called for a crawl space, Baron said, in an effort to help move the project forward. The next step will be draining the water and creating the slab on grade for the foundation.

“I would think they want to get going as fast as possible and we’re going to try and work with them to make that happen,” Baron said.

Baron said he intends to do “everything in his power” to alleviate any health concerns and expedite the process of draining water from the property, even if it gets to a point where the Department of Public Works or the county Health Department need to be involved.

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