Readers Write: Vote yes for Berkowitz and school budget

Readers Write: Vote yes for Berkowitz and school budget

This year’s Great Neck School Board election is extremely important for our kids. Now is the time for each voter to support continued high performance by our school system. Vote yes for the coming year’s budget and vote yes for Barbara Berkowitz.

The contrast between the two candidates for school board trustee could not be greater.

In addition to the fact that Barbara Berkowitz has always been successful in encouraging and supporting programs to provide educational opportunities which will meet the individual needs of each Great Neck student, Barbara Berkowitz has demonstrated the ability to work with an entire team in designating, planning for, and working to make educational achievement a reality.

Her opponent has been as negative as one could be. Yet, he has provided no plans, no initiatives, indeed nothing to indicate he knows what he would do to improve the Great Neck schools or how he would accomplish anything positive.

It is extremely important that all supporters of the Great Neck schools come out on Tuesday, May 11, to vote for our schools. Vote for Barbara Berkowitz and for the school budget.

Larry Gross
Great Neck

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