Santos tells FEC he will run for re-election in 2024: reports

Santos tells FEC he will run for re-election in 2024: reports
George Santos celebrating his victory in the state's 3rd Congressional District election. (Photo by Brandon Duffy)

U.S. Rep. George Santos, in a letter to the Federal Election Commission Tuesday, said he will be running for re-election in 2024, despite GOP groups including the Nassau County Republican Committee saying they will not back him going forward.

Contributions have been made to Devolder-Santos for Congress, which has been designated as the embattled congressman’s campaign finance committee, according to multiple reports.

Efforts to reach a Santos representative for official comment were unavailing.

Nassau County Republican Committee Chairman Joseph Cairo, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Jennifer DeSena, newly-elected state Sen. Jack Martins and newly-elected U.S. Rep. Anthony D’Esposito have been vocal in expressing their lack of support for Santos going forward.

“He’s disgraced the House of Representatives and we do not consider him one of our congresspeople,” Cairo said in a press conference earlier this year.

Santos has been the face of local and federal probes into his personal, professional and financial background. Articles from the New York Times and other publications unearthed the congressman’s lies earlier this year, following his win over Democrat Robert Zimmerman in the state’s 3rd Congressional District in November.

The House Ethics Committee launched a formal investigation into Republican Rep. George Santos two weeks ago and will scrutinize his most recent congressional campaign, officials announced.

The committee will determine if the embattled representative failed to properly disclose information and statements to Congress, engaged in sexual misconduct with someone seeking employment in his D.C. office and violated potential federal conflict of interest laws.

Santos’ official congressional Twitter account said the newly elected representative “is fully cooperating” in the investigation, but the congressman would not comment on the matter.

A resolution submitted by Town of North Hempstead Democratic Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey that also called for Santos’ expulsion from Congress was passed during a public meeting several weeks ago by a 6-1 vote. North Hempstead Supervisor Jennifer DeSena presented a resolution for Santos to resign, which passed unanimously.

Republican Town Councilmember David Adhami said he agreed with the general intent of Lurvey’s resolution but disagreed with its verbiage before voting no, saying there’s information included just to trigger people and it was poorly written. 

DeSena motioned to amend the resolution to remove any mention of her name, saying doing so makes it a political and personal attack, which was voted down 4-3 along party lines.

The supervisor endorsed Santos during his congressional campaign and has since changed her tune following the unearthing of Santos’ personal, professional and financial track record.

Dozens of NY-03 constituents staged a “Drive Out Santos” caravan throughout different North Shore locations to highlight the parts of Congressman George Santos’ resume that have come under scrutiny in recent months several weeks ago.

The groups responsible for organizing Saturday’s event include Concerned Citizens of NY-03, Courage For America and MoveOn. The organization previously held another rally weeks ago in Roslyn before constituents loaded up buses headed to Washington, D.C., to speak to Santos at his office in the Capitol.

Members of Concerned Citizens of NY-03 encouraged Congress to oust Santos from his seat despite his lack of support from local Republican groups.

“It’s time for the entire New York Republican Congressional delegation to stop hiding behind the Ethics investigation and put all their energy behind bipartisan efforts to get the Resolution to Expel Santos to the House floor,” Port Washington resident Kim Keiserman said.

“NY-03 voters cannot tolerate this fraudster for another minute let alone two more years!,” Manhasset’s Jane Russell said. “Santos is a disgrace and brings nothing but shame to the House of Representatives. Santos thinks he can continue to lie and steal from the voters of this district but he is sorely mistaken. He needs to be removed now!”

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  1. Publishing a photo now of the Congresssional Fraudster in front of adoring fans after the last election seems kind of odd, don’t you think? Maybe you should at least print an erratum under the photo about how you missed every opportunity to call him out before he committed election fraud.


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