Slow down Great Neck drivers, speed radars on the way

Slow down Great Neck drivers, speed radars on the way
At the Sept. 5 Village of Great Neck Board of Trustees meeting it was agreed by officials to introduce more speed radars into the village. (Photo by Karina Kovac)

Driving around the village not looking at your speedometer?

The Village of Great Neck will help remind you.

During the recent Village of Great Neck Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, a decision was made to add more speed radar displays at various strategic locations to help slow down drivers throughout the village.

An existing speed radar display will also be relocated for improved coverage.

The location of the new speed radar displays will include Arrandale Avenue, where one radar will monitor eastbound traffic between house numbers 30 and 32, and another will oversee westbound traffic between house numbers 17 and 19.

Additionally, a radar display will be installed on Fairview Avenue, east of the corner of West Park Place. Another radar will be positioned on Wooleys Lane to monitor eastbound traffic.

The relocation of an existing radar involves moving it 100 feet west on 94 Old Mill Road to continue effectively monitoring traffic in its vicinity.

Deputy Mayor Barton Sobel proposed relocating a sign on East Shore Road to the north to reduce the risk of drivers getting tickets upon leaving the Village of Great Neck.

Sobel said Kings Point police were “sitting there picking our residents off one by one” by giving them tickets when they leave the Village of Great Neck and enter Kings Point.

Mayor Pedram Bral said the village is also planning to use license plate readers.

“You want to have some kind of a record of what comes in. Those plate readers are more for security,” Bral said.

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