Thomaston Board of Trustees Issues Resolution Supporting Israel

Thomaston Board of Trustees Issues Resolution Supporting Israel

By John Nugent

Thomaston Mayor Steven Weinberg opened the Oct. 11 Board of Trustees meeting by announcing a resolution in support of Israel, in light of last week’s terrorist attacks.

“It was an utter massacre! We stand with Israel; our solidarity is with Israel,” said the mayor.

He added that “it is so horrific, words are just meaningless in the face of this atrocity.”

The board’s unanimous declaration cites “a coordinated, unprovoked attack on Israel” by Hamas terrorists that resulted in 1,200 deaths and more than 3,000 wounded persons. It adds that the action by Hamas “is the most significant attack on Israel since the Yom Kippur War” which occurred 50 years ago.

The board resolved that it “stands in solidarity with Israel and unequivocally condemns Hamas for this deplorable and unprovoked attack on Israel.”

The resolution declares full support for Israel “to exist as a sovereign and independent nation, with the full recognition of its borders and territory.”

Weinberg said that the village will continue to post information on its website about donation drives in support of the Israeli people.

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