Vandalism runs rampant in North High boys’ bathrooms

Vandalism runs rampant in North High boys’ bathrooms
Great Neck North High School. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

A number of boys’ bathrooms at Great Neck North High School were vandalized, with some students defecating and urinating on the facilities’ floors, according to a letter from principal Dan Holtzman.

The vandalism, Holtzman said in an email to the North High community Thursday, also included paper towel and soap dispensers being ripped off the walls and toilet paper being stuffed in the bathrooms’ sinks, bowls and urinals.

Holtzman said the letter was unlike any other one he has sent to the school community in more than two decades he has been an educator.

“Aside from the illegal and destructive nature of this behavior and the consequences it warrants, it is unsanitary and reprehensible,” Holtzman said in the letter. “We ask that you please speak with your child about these occurrences and, if they have any information to share as to whom the responsible parties are, to please come forward.”

Those with information can help the school identify the perpetrators with anonymous letters in faculty mailboxes, leaving information with a main office representative or through a trusted adult, he said. Holtzman condemned the vandalism and said those responsible “will be dealt with appropriately.”

“We hope that the students of North High find this behavior as unacceptable as we do and that they are willing to take action to protect the school community they value,” Holtzman said. “We welcome and need your assistance in determining who is responsible for these egregious acts so they can be dealt with appropriately and we can bring this to an end.”

A meeting was also held with students on Thursday, he said, to discuss the impact of the vandalism and that school “events and privileges” will be impacted if it were to persist.

“We are all deeply saddened and disappointed in these acts and, with your collective support, I am hopeful we can change the tide and move forward in a positive direction,” he concluded.

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