Village of Lake Success to use $220K surplus for tentative 2024-2025 budget

Village of Lake Success to use $220K surplus for tentative 2024-2025 budget
The Village of Lake Success. (Photo by Billy Fitzpatrick)

The Lake Success Board of Trustees proposed using $220,000 of the appropriated surplus in its tentative 2024-2025 budget, which dropped from the originally proposed $1.1 million due to revenues being a little higher than anticipated.

The village’s current budget amounts to $17,447,000 and is proposed to increase by 3.8% under the 2024-2025 draft budget of $18,115,000. The increase in the budget is mostly due to contractual raises.

The new tentative budget also proposes a tax increase of 1.7% for the upcoming year. 

Hoffman said the village is being conservative with the amount of appropriated surplus being tapped due to the expectation that four to five police officers will in the next year. 

In totality, 51% of the budget expenses account for the Lake Success Police Department.

“If you look at what they’ve done in the past year, they’ve made 15-16 big arrests in the village for Nassau County,” Hoffman said. “We’re paying for a great service that is a top-notch crew led by good leaders. They’re worth every penny.” 

In other news, the board approved the hiring of multiple employees referred by Superintendent of Public Works Pat McDermott. 

Logan Volpe, 24, was hired as a utility worker to start April 29 pending civil service approval. 

In addition, the board approved the hiring of Anthony Neal as a part-time laborer for the Lake Success golf course at $25 an hour pending Nassau County civil service approval. Neal is a certified spray technician with his acquired spray license. 

“He’s going to be an excellent fit…he’s a great hardworking kid, dedicated, he’ll work very well,” McDermott said. 

Neal will be hired for a duration of nine months. Deputy Mayor Gene Kaplan said that if Neal performs well and meets expectations, then Neal will be offered a full-time position next spring.

The board also approved the hiring of Danny Mera Salazar as a part-time employee for the golf course at $20 an hour pending civil service approval. Salazar will be employed for nine months.

The Village of Lake Success Board of Trustees will convene again on May 13. 

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