Work likely for Northern State Parkway next year

Work likely for Northern State Parkway next year
The Northern State Parkway, which is maintained by the state transportation department, could see some resurfacing next year. (Photo from Google Maps)

The New York state Department of Transportation will resurface part of the Northern State Parkway next year, according to state Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso and a spokesman for the department.

A news release from D’Urso’s office said the Transportation Department would resurface the Northern State Parkway from the Queens border all the way to the Meadowbrook State Parkway, including on and off ramps, starting next summer.

The release said D’Urso had also met with Joseph Brown, the Long Island regional director of the department, about maintaining roads in the 16th District, which spans North Hempstead.

“The maintenance of our roads is essential,” D’Urso said. “This resurfacing project will make driving on the parkway more pleasant.”

Stephen Canzoneri, a spokesman for the Department of Transportation, said there will be a resurfacing project for the Northern State Parkway but said it is too early to comment on specifics.

“NYSDOT will be accepting bids early next year on an accelerated project to resurface a portion of the Northern State Parkway,” Canzoneri said. “This project is still in the design phase, so it’s premature to comment further on project details.”

The Northern State Parkway is a nearly 29-mile-long parkway going from the Queens-Nassau County border to Hauppauge.

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