Zoning board to discuss application from village consultant; cell facility adjourned

Zoning board to discuss application from village consultant; cell facility adjourned

Discussion about a cell facility for 307 East Shore Road is being further postponed, according to the Zoning Board of Appeals in the Village of Great Neck, more than two months after the idea was proposed to the public at a crowded July 12 meeting.

A board agenda posted online said the issue will not be addressed at a meeting on Oct. 4.

The proposed facility would feature 12 shielded antennas, along with a generator, that aim to fill coverage gaps and ease pressure on other facilities. This in turn would make the peak elevation of the cell facility just over 51 feet – or a few feet higher than the existing rooftop penthouse and HVAC units.

At the July 12 hearing, Chairman Dennis Grossman said he wanted an updated deficiency report, noise analysis study and the estimated run time of a proposed generator.

While the matter was initially adjourned to Aug. 2, Grossman said that date was “subject to adjournment” based on whether the applicant needed extra time.

Grossman said there will be “ample notice” given to the public when Verizon representatives plan to return.

Residents had raised concerns about how the facility could affect health, property values and the area’s suburban appeal. They had also argued, based on maps presented at the meeting, that the Manhasset area would disproportionately benefit.

Eric Helman, an attorney representing Verizon, did not respond to requests for comment.

Zoning board members will also take on three new cases at that meeting, according to the agenda.

Robert Barbach, the former building department superintendent who is now a consultant to the village, is seeking to subdivide 199 West Shore Road to create “two build-able lots.”

According to village zoning code, no single-family home can exist on an interior lot with a street frontage of less than 60 feet.

“The proposed plan does not satisfy the definition of street frontage, in that the plan uses a private street,” the agenda says. “A variance is required to grant relief to satisfy the street frontage requirement with the use of a private road.”

Also on the agenda is 5 Bromley Lane, where applicant Ronald Kordvani seeks to build a single-family residence with 4,558.87 square feet of floor area – more than 500 feet higher than the maximum 4,000 square feet allowed by code.

While a variance of 237.97 square feet was previously granted, now the applicant needs a total variance of 558.87 square feet.

Additionally, Morris Lavi of Estate Construction is seeking site plan approval and pursuing a variance of 362.4 square feet to build a 4,061.3-square-foot home at 2 Willow Lane.

The owners of 24 Florence St. are also aiming to add onto a single-family residence, but need to pursue variances for floor area, front yard size and an open front porch.

Continued cases include 12 Ravine Road, 4 Moreland Court, and 48 Polo Road, where the applicant hopes to build a 5 1/2-foot retaining wall, which is one and a half feet higher than normally allowed under village code.

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