Public Hearing


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Amended notice: the Board of Trustees of the Village of Kings Point will hold a public hearing at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 2, 2023, at the Village Hall, 32 Steppingstone Lane, Kings Point, New York 11024 with respect to Bill 15A of 2023 which reads as follows: Bill 15A of 2023, a local law amending the provisions for the maintenance of construction sties.Be it enacted by the Board of Trustees of the Kings Point VillageSection 1. Subdivision 20, of subsection B, Building construction site maintenance, of section 117-2.1, Building construction sites, of the Code of the Village of Kings Point, is hereby amended to read as follows:ì(20) The subject premises shall be protected at all times from soil erosion onto other properties, including, but not limited to roads, wetland, and waterways by use of New York State Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practice Methods as required by all applicable laws, but, in any event, by no less than the placement and the maintenance in good condition †of continuous rows of salt-hay bales, silt fencing, crushed stone, geotextile fabric, mulch, and raised berms to the satisfaction of the  Superintendent. †Stockpiles of extra fill shall not be located within 20 feet of any property line and shall be protected with erosion control or removed from the subject premises as necessary in the discretion of the†Superintendent. †Erosion control material shall be monitored regularly and immediately after a rain event so that such material is functional and in good sufficient condition at all times.îSection 2. †Said subsection B is further amened by adding a new subdivision 37, to read as follows:ì (37) †All construction sites shall install and maintain a mailbox at a location and in the form approved by by the †Building Department for the receipt of mail and other communications from the Village.îSection 3. †Effective date. †This local law shall take effect immediately.Dated: Kings Point, New York BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESSeptember 5, 2023 VILLAGE OF KINGS POINT†Gomie Persaud, Village Clerk-Treasurer


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