PUBLIC HEARING Town of North Hempstead


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Town of North Hempstead – Board of Zoning Appeals Pursuant to the provisions of the Code of the Town of North Hempstead, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Zoning Appeals of said Town will meet at Town Hall, 220 Plandome Road, Manhasset, New York, on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 to consider any matters that may properly be heard by said Board, and will hold a public hearing on said date to consider applications and appeals. The following cases will be called at said public hearing starting at 10:00am. APPEAL #21488 ñ Sharmin & Ashraful Kamal; 3 Sunset Rd. N, Albertson; Section 7, Block 95, Lot 69; Zoned: Residence-BVariance from ß 70-42 to construct a deck that is too close to a rear property line. APPEAL #21490 ñ Edward Probst; 52 Netz Pl., Albertson; Section 7, Block 197, Lot 94; Zoned: Residence-BVariances from ßß 70-40, 70-41, & 70-39 to construct additions that would be too close to the street, have smaller than required side yards and total (aggregate) side yard setbacks, and would make the home too big. Plans are available for public viewing at †Persons interested in viewing the full file may do so by any time before the scheduled hearing by contacting the BZA department via e-mail at [email protected]. †Additionally, the public may view the live stream of this meeting at Any member of the public is able to attend and participate in a BZA hearing by appearing on the scheduled date and time. †Comments are limited to 3 minutes per speaker. Written comments are accepted by email up to 60 minutes prior to the hearing. Timely comment submissions will be made part of the record. DAVID MAMMINA, R.A., Chairman; Board of Zoning Appeals


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