LEGAL NOTICE VILLAGE OF KINGS POINT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a meeting will be held by the Board of Appeals of the Village of Kings Point at the Village Hall, 32 Steppingstone Lane, Kings Point, New York 11024, on 14th of May 2024, at 7:00 p.m. The Board will immediately adjourn for advice of counsel and, at 7:30 p.m., the Board will commence public hearings for the consideration of the following applications and such other matters as may come before the Board: CASE NO. PRBZA20240104 – Application of Hamptworth 26 LLC, Saeed Hakakian, as owner, with regards to the premises at 10 Rodney Lane, Kings Point, New York, for variances from sections of the Code of the Village of Kings Point: 1. 161-11. A (Lot Area) Minimum: 40,000 square feet Existing: 35,929 square feet Deficient: 4,071 square feet 2. 161-11.B (Lot Frontage) Minimum 150.0 feet Existing 32.32 feet Deficient 117.68 feet 3. 161-11.C (Lot Width) Minimum: 150.0 feet of width for the first 200.0 feet of depth Existing: The lot is 32.32 feet wide at the front, moving toward the rear it then widens, reaching a width of 150.0 feet at a depth of roughly 150.0 feet. 4. 161-23.C (1) (Projections into shoreline yards) Allowable: No main building and no part of a main building shall be erected within or shall project into the shoreline yard except: Projections of not more than 24 inches of open balconies and chimneys. Projections of not more than five feet of roof overhangs, soffit overhangs, gutters, steps, one-story porches and one-story bay windows. Terraces. Minimum Shoreline Yard: 110.12 feet Proposed: 63.80 feet Deficient: 46.32 feet Render decisions for Case No. PRBZA20230109 (37 Pheasant Run) from 4/9/2024 Meeting. Render decisions for Case No. PRBZA20240104(18 Birchwood Lane) from 4/9/2024 Meeting. Render decisions for Case No. PRBZA20240105(21 Split Rock Drive) from 4/9/2024 Meeting. Render decisions for Case No. PRBZA20240106(7 Gatsby Lane) from 4/9/2024 Meeting. Render decisions for Case No. PRBZA20240107(19 Foxwood Road) from 4/9/2024 Meeting. The applications and accompanying exhibits are on file in the office of the Village Clerk and may be inspected during normal business hours. At said hearings, all parties in interest will be given an opportunity to be heard. In the event that anyone needs a special accommodation for a disability, such person is requested to contact the Village Clerk at least five days before the hearing. ORDER OF THE BOARD OF APPEALS THE VILLAGE OF KINGS POINT M. Nassimi, Chairman Dated: Kings Point, NY 18th of April 2024



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