Flower Hills man falls victim to $16,900 scam

Flower Hills man falls victim to $16,900 scam

A 44-year-old Flower Hill man fell victim to a scam that cost him approximately $16,900, police said.

The victim attempted to make an online purchase for an item before feeling uncomfortable with the site and canceling the process, police said. He then received a call from someone claiming to be a Bank of America fraud specialist and telling him his bank account had been compromised.

The victim was then sent a new card in the mail and instructed to transfer money from his old account into a new one set up by the suspect from May 11-16, police said.

The victim transferred approximately $16,900 before contacting the Nassau County Police Department.

Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to contact 1-800-244-TIPS or 911.

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