Greater Manhasset civics weigh sidewalk, road design during sewer project

Greater Manhasset civics weigh sidewalk, road design during sewer project
Plandome Road in Manhasset (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

The Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations is gearing up for phase two of the Plandome sewer project when businesses connect to the sewer line, discussing possible designs for the sidewalks and road to be done in tandem with the project.

But with goals to have the sewer project completed by the end of the year, the council discussed whether or not it is too late to request these design components from the town to draft a realistic proposal to present to them soon.

“It can’t be picked up and just said ‘OK, let’s go do this,’” Second Vice President Rosemary Mascali said. “Are we outside the window?”

The council reviewed the Plandome Road vision project during its meeting Wednesday night, which was completed more than 10 years ago. The design strategy encompasses possible design options for Plandome Road’s curbs and medians.

The objectives of the design strategy were to achieve safety and functionality.

Proposed design elements included curbed bulb-outs at pedestrian crossings, median striping, raised medians and paved medians.

When businesses are connecting to the sewer line, it is anticipated that the sidewalks will have to be broken through. With the sidewalks then needing to be repaired, the council is seeking to propose a sidewalk design to be implemented when they are fixed.

The design plan would have to be coordinated with the Town of North Hempstead, which is overseeing the entire project.

“Having a conversation with the town is critical for not only the chamber, but it’s also critical for what the visioning is for Plandome Road,” Manhasset Chamber committee member Robert Donno said.

However, with the first phase of the sewer project coming to a close and thoughts about the second phase’s beginnings, the council discussed whether it may be too late to present a detailed design plan without delaying the project overall.

With a need to put together a plan sooner than later, the council decided select members would be responsible for drawing up a wishlist to present to the town.

President Andrew Schwenk suggested that a main priority be that sidewalks are replaced in their entirety, not done in a patchwork fashion.

In other news, the council raised concerns over a suspected issue that recycled trash is not being recycled by the town’s contracted garbage pick-up company Dejana Industries. Multiple members said they had witnessed recycled trash being collected and thrown in with the non-recyclable trash.

Councilmember David Adhami’s legislative aid was in attendance at the meeting and said he would look into the potential problem.

The Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations, which encompasses members from the various civic associations in the community, meets generally on the second Wednesday of every month from September through June. Its next meeting is scheduled on May 8.

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