Herricks auditorium construction may be delayed, district says

Herricks auditorium construction may be delayed, district says
A proposed rendering of the new Herricks High School auditorium. (Photo by Brandon Duffy)

Supply chain issues are threatening to delay renovations to Herricks High School’s auditorium, set to begin June 28. 

Lisa Rutkoske, assistant superintendent for business, provided an update during Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting, saying that permits are close to being issued, but time is of the essence.

“Things are very backed up at the state Education Department and as of today, we still do not have a permit,” Rutkoske said. “We are eighth in line to be reviewed. We’re so close, but time is dwindling and it’s not looking so promising at this stage.”

Originally approved last May, changes to the auditorium involve at least 11 elements and include completely new flooring, seating, stage curtains and ADA accessibility. Work is also being done on  the proscenium, side walls and the stage entry corridor, among other things.  The plans can be found on the district’s website. 

Updates on designs were provided to the board in September. 

Two rows of seating in the middle will be removed while one row will be added to the left and right aisles of seats. The move will create more space, potentially for an orchestra or other acts to perform in front of the stage. 

Phase one budgeting amounts to $1.2 million, School Superintendent Fino Celano said in September. The money will come from the capital reserve, and any costs above the set funding would come out of the school budget, Celano said. 

Rutkoske said that the district is in contact daily with the state but even if permits were granted by the time bidding comes around, supplies remain an issue. 

“We’re monitoring it, we’re hopeful but it’s not looking so promising for this summer,” Rutkoske said. “When we get the permit, we will continue to work with our construction managers on the timeline.” 

The next Herricks board meeting is to take place on Thursday, April 7. 

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