Herricks board celebrates School Board Recognition Week

Herricks board celebrates School Board Recognition Week
The Herricks Board of Education gives their reports during the meeting on Thursday, Oct. 20. (Screencap by Brandon Duffy)

By Jessica Taylor

The Herricks Board of Education held a meeting Thursday night to celebrate
School Board Recognition Week.

The New York State School Boards Association recognizes Oct. 17-21 as School
Board Recognition Week. This week highlights the imperative and essential
work done by local school boards. They are the backbone and voice of the
community. Student success is linked to our local school boards.

To start things off, Superintendent Dr. Tony Sinanis welcomed Principal Diana
DeGiorgio of Searingtown Elementary School to the board. DeGiorgio  began wishing
all students, facility and board members a happy Board Recognition Week.

She said, “I’m honored today to stand here on behalf of the entire district to show you
a little snapshot from Searingtown.” The students expressed their gratitude and
celebrated their board members in a video montage.

“This is to show you just how much the board does to support our district, our
initiatives and all of our programs,” Degiorgio said.

DeGiorgio ended the video by saying “I hope it puts a smile on your heart and a happy
thought in your mind. Thank you for all you do”.

President Jim Gounaris gushed:  “I have never smiled as I have in 12 years during
this night.”

Sinanis presented the board with a certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
for all of the hard work, devotion to students, and continued success in improving
education for future generations.

The board members who serve the district are:
Jim Gounaris (President), Henry R. Zanetti (Vice President), Juleigh Chin, Nancy
Feinstein, and Brian Hassan.

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